7 Benefits of Living in Central Edmonton

7 Benefits of Living in Central Edmonton

What is considered central Edmonton?
When I get asked about central Edmonton many people are surprised at all the communities that I include in the list.  For many, central Edmonton goes as far as Oliver to the west and Boyle Street to north and east.  But with Edmonton’s extensive trail system and easily accessible transit routes, living central can include a large number of areas on both sides of the river.  From Highlands and Forest Heights in the east; Garneau and Strathcona on the south; to the north, where Queen Mary Park and Westmount are not that far away from downtown; and even west where Crestwood and Laurier Heights are a short bike ride to the city centre.  When you drive it seems far but when you bike it doesn’t feel that way.  I think you can probably get to work faster by riding your bike because of our trail system.
It’s quite an extensive list when you include those communities.  Here are some of the benefits I see for wanting to be close to the heart of Edmonton.

Walkability.  A neighbourhood’s walkability score examines how close nearby amenities are, population density and other factors to determine how accessible the neighbourhood is.  The list of top walkable neighbourhoods in Edmonton shows that 8 of the top 10 walkable communities are in central Edmonton.  When you look at neighbourhoods close to the core in Edmonton, and that can mean both north and south of the river, you can get to work by bike or a short transit ride.  The beauty of living in these areas is it is conducive to my own belief system which is living and working close to home.

Accessibility.  I find living in the middle of the city provides easy access to the rest of Edmonton and surrounding areas.  If you live on the north side and need to get south your best option is to take the Anthony Henday.  In my opinion it restricts you to a car all the time. I find the centre of the city is actually less congested.  I can get through traffic a lot easier in the centre of the city because there are so many options if things get clogged up. It’s a lot easier than on the outskirts of the city.

Beauty. For those that embrace the beauty of nature, Edmonton provides that for us right in the centre of the city.  The landscape of our city is interesting which contributes to the beauty of scenic views from the top of the river valley.  The skyline at night when driving down 98 Ave toward Cloverdale is amazing. The River Valley offers up so much to see all year round.

Appreciating Value.  I find, when the market fluctuates the suburban areas are affected first.  Living closer to the centre pushes your land value up.  That creates a sense of security even in the toughest economic times.

Sustainability.  I notice that Edmonton is working so hard on sustainability.  The construction of bike lanes right now is great to see.  I’m so supportive.  Edmonton has ramped up the safety aspect so it’s encouraging people to ride.  It motivates people that live in these central neighbourhoods on both sides of the river to get on their bike or walk to work, walk to the grocery store.

Vitality.  It’s changed where once after a certain time of day downtown was deserted and felt unsafe.  Now when I attend a fitness class at 6:00 am I feel safe because now there are people around.  With the increase in the number of shops, restaurants and other entertainment, it has brought vitality to the area.  The city has worked hard to push things to our downtown area.

Bang for your buck.  When you take your focus away from those few, more well-known neighbourhoods, you can find some tremendous value.  I had some clients that were looking at the Glenora and Crestwood areas.  Because of the reputation those communities have, the prices were out of their range.  What I suggested was Forest Heights.  It was still accessible to outside areas but still close to downtown.  They ended up with a brand new house in a mature neighborhood, close to downtown and the trail system all within their budget. It can cost three to five hundred thousand dollars less to live in those other central communities.

So the message here is, expand your view on what central Edmonton really means and see how some of these other beautiful neighbourhoods can meet all your needs and keep you close to everything
that’s happening in Edmonton.  You’ll grow to love central Edmonton as much as I do.